Collision Marketing Bulletin: Three Marketing Mistakes You Are Probably Making

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Deciding on the right marketing strategy for your shop isn’t easy. Fortunately, after consulting with a number of our clients, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 most common challenges shops face when it comes to their digital marketing investment – all in an effort to keep you from making the same mistakes.

Here’s is the first of three…

1. Assuming without Analyzing

As we’ve already said, digital marketing is becoming a hot topic in the industry trades. However, we’ve found that not all the advice given applies equally when it comes to collision repair. Therefore, it is important that you begin to familiarize yourself with your digital presence, and a great place to start is with your website. There are a lot of stats that can help you better understand what digital products you should invest in. 

For instance, do you know how long the average visitor spends on your site? Would you be surprised to learn that the average time on a collision repair site is only 43 seconds? What about the number of pages your site visitors consume per visit? Or how about the top 3 actions users take on your site? 

‘The average time on a collision repair site is only 43 seconds?’

Knowing these metrics will help you answer questions related to your digital marketing spend. Fortunately these metrics are available to you for free via Google Analytics. If you are working with a digital agency they should be able to provide you this information and how it impacts any marketing you are investing in.

What Really Happens on a Collision Repair Website?

Google understands the value of data transparency. That’s why they provide reports that help website owners understand what events are taking place on their website. They do this so you can ensure your site provides your visitors with the most relevant information they need. For example, our analysis reveals that the top event that occurs on a collision repair website is visitors jumping to a location page. This indicates that for collision repair customers, their interest is more about where to find you than learning about the history of your shop.

‘The top event that occurs on a collision repair website is visitors jumping to a location page.’

Let the Facts Speak for Themselves

As you can see from the graph below, the top events that occur on most collision repair website are more tactical. Most visitors click on links and/or take action that will give them the best result for what they’re looking for.
Top Click Events on Body Shop Website
Given the infrequency that most people interact with a collision repair shop, this makes sense. To further validate this, PSG research still supports that most customers prefer human to human interaction to ease the uncertainty of this unfamiliar event. The only exception that we see is when shops offer the ability to obtain a mobile estimate or through an online form submission.

Analyze Before You Assume...Free of Charge

Google provides everyone with the ability to understand what users are doing on their site. With a small amount of coding, you can quickly understand exactly what links users are clicking all the way to what type of conversion events are happening. For specific information about your site, check with your website administrator.

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