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Actionable data. Tailored results.

The best business decisions are based on actionable data, and here we pride ourselves on being the best at customer research in the collision industry. Simply put, we know that you can only reach your goals and grow your business by acting on real customer data, which is why we have spent three decades compiling and organizing all of that data for you – we know what the customers in this industry need.

By going above and beyond the industry-accepted CSI, we put the voice of the collision customer and behavioral psychology research methods to work. As a result, we provide you with actionable steps to boost customer satisfaction across the board.

Employee Engagement

Industry Standard CSI

Our job is to help you provide the best customer experience possible. After all, the future of your shop depends on it. Now that the customer satisfaction index has become one of the most important metrics for a collision shop, your goal should be to manage the customer experience, meet the manufacturer-accepted CSI metrics, and satisfy the DRP metrics if you are to run a reputable collision shop.

Or, we can do it for you. We will leverage customer data and our years of experience in the field to satisfy any and every OE and DRP metric, while at the same time showing you how to provide a stellar experience to your customers.

Voice of Customer Research

If you are to elevate your standing in the industry and actually improve your CSI over time, you have to know exactly how your customer feels about your business, and tap into their decision-making process. You need to know how they think. Rarely do collision shops go to such lengths, however, we specialize in obtaining the customer insights that will help you become the best body shop in your region.How? For one, we continue to research the market trends and the collision customer base to always stay in the know, and then leverage your customer data to create detailed business strategies and help you make all the right decisions on your way to long-term success.
Customer Experience
Marketing Experience Consulting

Marketing Experience Consulting

You might think of us as marketers, and that we are, but we like to think of ourselves as consultants and your lifelong partners. With PSG at your side, you have an industry professional to guide you and advise you every step of the way, and help you make better business decisions to grow your shop, build a strong brand presence, and execute the best body shop marketing plans the collision industry has seen.Thirty years worth of industry insights, experienced and passionate experts, advanced tools and effective marketing methods – we use it all to make sure your shop succeeds. We might not be the first consulting firm you’ve worked with, but we are determined to be your last.

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