Digital Marketing: Start with the Basics

Although we may find ourselves reviewing 2020 and wondering in amazement how we’ve made it through, it’s time to prepare your marketing strategy for the new normal.

Marketing collision repair has always been a challenge. Face it, you sell a product that no one wants to buy. And now you’re also dealing with more digitally savvy customers with higher expectations, a reduced claim volume, and possibly fewer DRPs.

The landscape has changed; it’s time to leverage those changes and build up your shop’s marketing potential.

How’s Your Website?

In case you haven’t noticed, thanks to Covid, the world has come to rely on the Internet more than ever. No matter the size of your business, shops can no longer afford to fall behind when it comes to their digital presence, starting with your website. If your website looks outdated, the links on your site are broken, or the content hasn’t changed in years, it needs attention, and it needs attention now.

What should you do?

With poor site structure and navigational elements the user will have a hard time navigating to their desired page or information.

This shops poor site structure played a role in the large drop in new users to the site. It should be noted this shop was also running Google Ads during this time.

Manage all your business listings online

Providing accurate and up to date information about your business online is as important as unlocking the front door and answering the phone when it rings. Yet many shops don’t bother to ensure the listing information about their business is accurate across the Internet. Your customers don’t like finding confusing, inaccurate or missing information when they search for you, and guess what, neither does Google.

Taking a casual approach to your online listings with outdated, inaccurate and missing information will cost you sales opportunities, period. When someone searches for information, they need to find it quickly and concisely, and it needs to be accurate and consistent everywhere they look.

What should you do?

Managing your marketing moving forward

Whether it’s your website or business listings, if your shop doesn’t have these elements updated and under control, you know where to focus your marketing efforts this year. These are business basics; marketing 101. Every business needs them to survive in today’s world. Can you afford to put them off any longer?

If you don’t have the time, or the interest, to learn everything you need to know about web design, site architecture, or managing business listings, the good news is, we do. PSG can develop a tailor-made digital management strategy for your body shop, so that your business will stay relevant in 2021 and beyond.

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