Our Vision, Mission, Values & Why

Our Vision

We will provide our customers with the most accurate understanding of their collision repair market through the deployment of advanced customer research, easy-to-follow reporting, clear and concise communications with innovative measurable marketing solutions.

We will continue to research and deliver the most unique range of business solutions for the collision industry within North America.

Our Mission

We are a high performance company that attracts customers and exceeds their expectations by adopting the latest technologies delivering the most advanced customer research systems available, and specializing in internal resources.

We are the vendor of choice within the market we serve and achieves solid financial performance by ensuring our "on demand" marketing solutions exceed all other marketing products available within the collision market.

We provide an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environment for our employees through leadership guidance and mentoring.

Our Values

We value and encourage innovation, creativity and commitment in achieving and sustaining a superior reputation within the collision industry through continuous improvement.

We value others and ourselves as unique individuals and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. We promote open communication, ongoing collaboration and the free exchange of ideas.

We value mutual respect, honor the dignity of each individual and foster an ethical environment.

We value learning as a lifelong process and strive to adapt and be responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Our Why

To challenge the industry accepted marketing status quo.

To empower small businesses in the collision industry with the ability to exceed in any market condition.
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