Effective Reputation Management

Most shops lack relational customer information intelligence, meaning they don’t understand that there is a reason why a customer will post a review. They also don’t understand the roll they play in influencing these review opportunities.

Valuing Intangibles

There is a growing concern in how to obtain more online reviews, however most shops are concerned about the wrong thing. Shops should be more concerned with WHAT a customer will say about them than getting more reviews.

Assembly Line Service

The Problem

Shops are focused on the means to an end rather than the end itself. Quality online reviews must be caused, not controlled. Trying to legislate the steps to obtaining a review will NOT guarantee the results shop are looking for.

When you force human interaction by attempting to legislate the steps to posting a review you sacrifice the real opportunity of creating a customer relationship for following an SOP. In the end, online reviews are a direct result of managing the emotional experience that a customer has with a shop.

The Principles and Criteria Required

- Know Thyself -

A customer who is emotionally satisfied with a repair facility takes pride in sharing their experience with others, both in & out of their immediate circle of influence. The degree to which a repair customer is emotionally satisfied will determine the quality and quantity of online review.

Toward An Alternate Approach

Measuring the repair experience, not a set of logical production metrics, is a proven approach for improving the quality of online review opportunities that does not rely on reducing the process to chance.

Excessive appeal for reviews illustrates how a shop can become more adept at consistently doing the same thing but less adept at creating the right effect - an emotionally charged repair experience which ultimately dictates how many reviews they receive.

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