Name Recall Optimization (NRO)

NRO is a proven scientific tactic of linking a shop's name to a customer's long term memory once the repair is completed.

NRO is a scientific methodology

Name Recall Optimization improves repeat rates by over 700% through strategically placed links. It is an effective marketing strategy that makes sure all the effort to deliver a quality product lives on long after the vehicle is repaired.

How does it work?

The 2 Step Process

Name Recall Optimization (NRO) is the process of effectively connecting to the memory of a past repair customer. It has two distinct parts:
Memory Encoding
Memory encoding is a fancy way of explaining how a repair customer records the information from the repair experience within their memory and how your shop's name is stored for future recall.

Memory Retrievable
Memory retrieval is the direct result of effectively “linking” your shop’s name to keywords (accident, body shop, insurance) within the customer’s memory. Exactly like SEO functions for the internet, this ensures that when the opportunity presents itself through peer-to-peer conversations, your shop’s name is presented as the ideal referral source.

Search engines use complex mathematical algorithms to guess which websites a user seeks. Name Recall Optimization (NRO) uses the complex nature of consumer memory development in the very same way, making sure your shop name is recalled.

This is not marketing hype it is human biology

Influencing trigger clues (words) that are “linked” successfully to a customer's memory after the total repair experience (accident to delivery of finished repair) delivers a staggering 91% improvement in name recall 4 years after the repair is completed.

Specifically targeted “links” directly tied to a past customer cue up the Memory Retrievable process, strengthening the opportunity of a referral or a repeat purchase when the opportunity arises.

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