Manufacturer Certification

Obtaining manufacturer certification will become more important than any direct repair program in the very near future.

One of the biggest challenges for shops today

is converting any achievement they accomplish, such as I-CAR status or manufacturer certification, into a customer benefit that drives additional collision sales.

The Market Predicament

Through the eyes of a consumer, the majority of collision repair shops are perceived to be similar, at least with respect to the delivery of basic functional benefits. Shops, as well as the insurance carriers, continue to be challenged with converting their relationships into benefits that drive consumer loyalty.

Learn how to to convert your hard earned accomplishments into a competitive edge that drives collision sales.

The Key To Success

The key to ongoing financial success is not to simply beat the competitors, but rather to make them irrelevant by developing marketing so strong that when the need arises, a potential repair customer will not entertain an alternative collision facility, ever.

Learn how to leverage your accomplishments into increased sales.

Leveraging Competencies

Creating a strategic marketing approach is the starting point for sales growth. Building market awareness comes down to understanding how to leverage your shop’s achievements.

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