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Any marketing strategy worth investing time and money in should include research that not only tells you where you stand as a company, but also helps you decide what to do next.

Phoenix Solutions Group has these answers. It's not too late to take back control of your business and use actionable customer insights and enhanced research metrics, along with the support of a marketing expert, to develop a comprehensive marketing plan tailored specifically to your business.

Get started with a free consultation on how PSG can help increase your repeat business and grow your collision sales.

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Powerful Independently.
Incredibly Effective Combined.

Phoenix Solutions Group offers a myriad of marketing and consulting solutions developed specifically for the collision repair industry. Each solution is powerful on its own - but when combined, they result in increased sales, better CSI, and more engaged employees.
Understand your Customers
Arm yourself with the knowledge required to deliver unmatched repair experiences. Our data driven approach results in strategies that enable shops to develop better customer experiences resulting in sales growth and better customer interactions.

Popular Features:
  • Enhanced Performance Metrics
  • Marketing Channel and Customer Decision Factors Analysis
  • Personalized Coaching and Consulting
Market to your Customers
Your product is unique, therefore your marketing should be unique. PSG uses customer insights to generate pre and post repair advertising solutions that help body shops increase sales and retain customers.

Popular Features:
  • Collision industry focused marketing solutions
  • Personalized marketing messages
  • Increased customer relationships
Engage your Employees
Shop employees are the driving force behind great customer experiences. Phoenix Solutions Group's employee engagement survey and training curriculum enables shop leaders to help their employees meet their full potential.

Popular Features:
  • Personalized webinar and onsite training
  • Data led, resulting in more effective training and measurement
  • Online training videos

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