Employee Engagement

Solving Your Employee Problems

The Real Problem

When it comes to collision repair, your product alone does not differentiate you from other shops in your market. It's the experience you deliver that sets you apart from your competitors. To ensure you deliver a great experience and engage with your customers you must first have engaged employees.
Engaged employees are the ones you look forward to seeing on Monday morning. They consistently demonstrate high levels of performance, emotional commitment to what they do and enthusiasm that motivates the entire organization to deliver better overall results.
Unfortunately, shop owners continue to struggle with personnel issues and poor performance as engaged employees only represent 30% of shop personnel. While some shops utilize personality assessments, they only measure the mindset of the individual, not the culture of the team. Businesses today need a strategic approach to understand shop culture and how it impacts customer engagement and business growth.

Whether it's a single location with 10 employees or a multi-shop organization operating a team structure, developing strong employee engagement will be vital to compete in the months and years ahead.

The Engaged Employee

Set Your Shop Up For Success

Before you can begin solving your problems, you need to identify them. Leveraging our expertise in measurement, PSG has created a solution. We've developed an employee engagement survey that accurately measures the components of employee engagement such as truly understanding what is expected of them, having the tools needed to perform successfully and the opportunity for development and growth. These components are proven to have the most impact on culture such as customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability and employee retention. These insights will help a shop better understand and manage true employee engagement and its impact on business outcomes.

Our Expertise

PSG has spent 30 years researching what matters most to collision repair customers and recognizes the relationship between great customer experiences and fully engaged employees. We use this understanding to find the root cause of employee engagement problems, and lead shops toward solutions that improve the entire employee/customer interaction.

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