Customer Stories: Hyper Targeting

Today, more shops than ever are choosing to end their relationships with their insurance partners. From required discounts to proper repair procedure interference, many shops have decided to remove themselves from DRP programs. The challenge is not losing sales opportunities with the carrier’s insureds in the process.

The following case study demonstrates how PSG helped a client increase sales of a recently released DRP partner.


To reach a highly specific target audience with digital and traditional marketing ads. Geofencing was considered but would not allow for such precise targeting and therefore waste hundreds of thousands of impressions. It also does not provide attributable measurement, as requested by the shop.


Using PSG’s proprietary algorithm, we established the appropriate criteria for the ideal prospects and targeted 15,000 registered insureds in a designated radius around 3 shop locations. Ads were served to the individual’s devices as well as to the specific insured’s households. We used a variety of marketing tactics based on the individual’s preferred method of media consumption as well as demographic data about the household. This information resulted in both digital ads and postcards being deployed.

This method ensures a more precise approach. PSG Hyper-Targeting targets a particular individual, all of their devices, and all of the devices associated with that target’s household. Geofencing only captures devices that enter into a defined set of coordinates.


Ad engagement was compared to closed ROs meeting the campaign target criteria, allowing us to literally reveal who clicked on an ad and who came into the shop for an estimate. The business saw a 75% increase in sales from the targeted insurance carriers and a 40% overall increase in sales compared to the 3 months prior to launching the campaign. The result was a $96.00 return on every $1.00 spent.

This approach can also be used to target owners of specific vehicle manufacturers. It allows us to launch targeted campaigns to promote shop certifications, which have also proven to be very successful.



In targeted sales



In Overall sales



Per $1.00 Spent

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