Consumer Decision Factors

Today, there is simply too much idol capacity in the repair marketplace for anyone to foolishly believe that your special brand of “secret sauce” is so good that all other options pale in comparison.
Understanding the real reasons a customer makes a collision purchase decision creates the strategic playing field on which a shop competes. Can you afford not to know the truth?

The following graph displays the trends of the top 5 referral segments over the past 6 years:

•  Data Was Derived From a 32 Question Survey  •   Research Span - 2011-2016  •   821,854 Survey Respondents  •   Over $2 Billion in Collision Sales  •   Shop Diversity - 826 Collision Facilities - From 86% Direct Repair Driven to NO Direct Repairs  •   Shop Size: From $1.2 Million to $70 Million  •   Market Span: Over 161 Different Markets  •   Computed From 1,683 Different Pattern Counts, 9 Text Fields and 23 Specific Reasons, Revealing Why Customers Chose a Shop  •   Statistically Validated From: Vision 2020  •  

The graphs below identify the secondary factors that influence a customer's decision: