Collision Marketing Bulletin: The Real Buying Journey

As we said last week, when it comes to ordering a pizza or even getting an oil change, customers can afford to take a chance. But when it comes to something as important as repairing their vehicle, the majority of consumers search for a brand or business name they already know or have been referred to rather than just searching what’s “near me.”

FACT: A collision is a deeply emotional and often traumatic experience. Therefore a collision customer’s buying journey does NOT match that of a traditional consumer.

PSG’s research reveals that when it comes to collision repair, customers seek out recommendations from trusted resources BEFORE they even consider consulting an online resource.

How 125,000 People Found a Body Shop:

How people find your body shop

For most collision customers, it’s only after obtaining a recommendation from a friend or family member, their insurance company or dealership that they consider exploring the opinions of strangers on Google or Yelp. But depending on the source of the recommendation, it’s not always necessary.

What PSG Research Tells Us:

PSG research indicates that customers referred by friends or family consider online reviews far less important than referrals from insurance companies. Dealership referrals carry more weight than insurance referrals, but still less than friends & family.

The Reason Customers Choose a Body Shop:

This research is further validated by the prominence of other factors that influence a customer’s decision that can be directly related to a shops’ customer experience. While convenience is important, the highest ranking factors continue to be those related to the service a shop provides and their reputation in the market

Q: "What Factors Influenced Your Decision to Choose this Shop?"

Shop influential factors

This should be a clear sign from the customer that the experience is more of a driving factor than any other type of marketing effort for a collision repair shop.

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