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Welcome to the most comprehensive on-demand marketing firm available for the professional collision repair facility.
When you hire a marketing firm, make sure they are strategically focused on collision repair and understand the difference between on-demand and impulse products.
Phoenix Solutions Group was formed in 1989 to assist the professional collision repair facility by developing results-based marketing solutions.

Specializing in the collision industry, Phoenix Solutions Group has delivered the most all-inclusive marketing products available today, providing increased sales to every committed member.

In addition, Phoenix Solutions Group has developed the most comprehensive customer research system that dimensions how a repair customer makes a collision repair purchase decision.

With over 20 years of on-demand results marketing experience, Phoenix Solutions Group has emerged as the foremost authority in "On-Demand" marketing concepts for the collision repair industry.

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Why

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Why Choose Phoenix Solutions Group?


It seems everyone dispenses marketing advice, but wouldn’t you rather get your advice from a company that specializes in how to market a “grudge” purchase like collision repair? Let the experts in On-Demand Marketing show you the right way to market your business.


Phoenix Solutions Group is the exclusive distributor for Body Shop Booster, a state of the art application designed exclusively for the collision industry that provides measurable results within all 5 sales segments.

New ideas

The collision industry is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. That’s why our research driven solutions will keep you on the leading edge of innovation and evolution with your marketing needs.

The quickest route to competitive success with the greatest sales growth opportunity is understanding the ways customers make a collision purchase decision

- Introducing -

The Automotive Customer Relations Bureau

A licensed trademark of Phoenix Solutions Group.
The ACRB was formed to collect unbiased market and consumer research in order to deliver the most advanced customer insights available today for the professional collision repair facility.

Research collected by the ACRB has found there is no statistical relevancy within an on-demand product like collision repair that a Net Promoter Score, or the standard accepted CSI measurement, has any value as a leading growth indicator.

Extensive analysis has uncovered factors that drive sales growth within a collision repair facility and they are not what the industry reports. View the Consumer Trend reports below.

The Automotive Customer Relations Bureau delivers valuable insights to a collision facility in order to enhance the repair experience for the consumer.

Utilizing relevant data collection methodologies, the ACRB continues to deliver survey response rates that exceed 55% without annoying or irritating a customer.

It also serves as the online survey portal for consumers who chose to take their survey online.